A Brief History of Sex Toys

History of Sex Toys

A Brief History of Sex Toys

How much do you actually know about sex toys? Did you know that they existed over 28k years ago? They were made from stone, camel dung, bronze, and bread. People really got creative when it came to making sex toys, which is quite interesting!

Of course, our products are made from body-safe materials that feel soft and amazing. If you are searching for sex toys in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided you with an insane selection of dildo UAE, penis ring options, Spanish fly, and other toys. So, regardless of your personal preferences, you are going to find whatever you are searching for.

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It’s interesting to think about the history of sex toys… we’ve definitely come a long way. From some of the most bizarre and odd toys to some of the most inventive ones. Are you interested in knowing more about the overall history of sex toys? Well, here is a brief overview.

World’s oldest dildo

What is known as the ‘world’s oldest dildo’ was discovered in Germany in 2005. It is a dick-shaped ancient stone believed to have existed 28k years ago. Because of its shape it is presumed that this was the first sex toy. However, this is just a presumption: how naughty our ancients were is still up for debate.

You could imagine, if this is what they sued for pleasure, that they’d be wowed by the selection of sex toys available today. Adult toys UAE are incredibly addictive, and our store is here to deliver the goods. You don’t have to go to a local store; you can just order adult toys Dubai and have them delivered to your doorstep. Don’t worry; in comparison to a stone dildo, our dildo toy options are much softer and pleasurable.

Now, some people believe that the sex toy concept started 500BC in Japan. Ancient Greece has also shown evidence of its dildo creations with leather stuffed wool. Let’s not forget the discovery of the tomb of a king near Shanghai that contained a bronze and jade butt plug.

With all this information, it is safe to assume that sex toys have existed for thousands of years. People were always horny and interested in finding new ways to achieve orgasms. They really liked getting creative, especially when it came to picking out the materials their toys were made from. Today, adult toys Dubai are mainly made from body-safe silicone and other materials.

Rising the popularity of sex toys

Up until 1920s, we’ve finally had a good electric vibrator. It was called the Polar Club Electric Vibrator, and it definitely made a difference. However, one cannot argue that the toy did not have the most ergonomic design. Especially when you compare it to some of the designs today. For example, take any vibrator Dubai from our store. They are all made to fit your hand perfectly while providing you with incredible satisfaction.

Lucky for us, however, Happy Rabbit was invented in 1983 by the Japanese. Although the legislation did not allow the manufacturing of adult toys, there was a loophole. The toy was designed to look like an animal instead of a penis. It could be that this toy led to the creation of many other interesting dildo UAE toys. Our store provides you with various interesting designs!

It is safe to say that from there on, the sex toy industry has risen in popularity. Everyone wanted to own a sex toy to see what the buzz was all about. Of course, today, sex toys are a lot more accepted. They are actually celebrated because orgasms are proven to be healthy for us. Not to mention that they can help aid SD, too!

Picking the right toy for your needs

Are you interested in finding the perfect sex toy your body needs? Well, you are welcome to explore our website. In this sex shop Dubai, you have a lot of amazing options to choose from. We cater to all needs and preferences, so it all comes down to your taste. We’ve also categorized everything accordingly, so finding a toy that would suit your needs shouldn’t be an issue.

Loads of dildo UAE options!

If you are searching for something basic, then you should consider getting a dildo toy. These toys are designed to resemble a penis or anything else that might provide you with pleasure. Our store is not only limited to the basic penis shape. Instead, we make sure to keep things interesting with all sorts of other shapes and interesting colors.

Plenty of vibrator Dubai toys, too!

It’s a known fact that most women are unable to orgasm from penetration alone. Just because this happens does not mean that you do not deserve to enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner. If you need some help, all you have to do is browse through our sex toys UAE. There, you will find loads of amazing vibrator toys.

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Sex dolls and masturbators

Some toys are designed to be used during private sessions. These include toys such as masturbators or sex doll UAE options. Lucky for you, we have it all. These toys are great for every man. They can resemble anal, vaginal, and oral sex. It all comes down to what you personally prefer.

Couple toys

Sometimes, you need a bit of extra spice to make things more interesting in the bedroom. There are only so many sex positions you can try out before things become repetitive. But you should not let this affect your sexual relationship. Instead, you should find ways to keep things interesting! Our sex toy shop in Dubai is here to help you with that.

You can consider purchasing lingerie Dubai to make things sexier. Or you could opt for a Spanish fly to enhance pleasure. Of course, there are many other toys to consider, such as dildos, vibrators, BDSM and bondage toys, and others. A trendy choice among couples is a cock ring. These rings can vibrate and will provide pleasure for both partners. Not to mention that they can make you last longer, too! The choice is yours.

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