5 Sex Toys Every Couple Needs In Their Collection

Sex Toys that Every Couple should have

5 Sex Toys Every Couple Needs In Their Collection

The talk about sex toys and sexual fantasies was considered taboo until recently, and in some cultures, it still is. Thankfully, people started embracing sex toys and realized the benefits of having a sex toy collection in their bedrooms.

Until recently, it was nearly impossible to find sex toys in Abu Dhabi, and searching for a sex toy shop in Dubai would end with no results. Nowadays, you can find a dildo toy, a penis ring, Spanish fly, and all the other sex toys in Dubai you can find anywhere else.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the 5 sex toys every couple needs in their collection. Some sex toys are more common than others, however, all these sex toys and accessories can be used in a number of ways that can increase sexual pleasure and enhance the connection between partners.

Water-based Lubricant

Whether or not you expected to see something else as the first and most essential thing, a water-based lubricant is the single most important thing every couple should have. Not only does it allow for smooth penetration, but it can be used as a massage oil, or even with various sex toys in solo play.

You can choose between a wide range of options, and brands, however, the goal of every water-based lubricant is the same. A quality lubricant can also help in exploring anal play with or without a dildo toy.

Realistic Dildo or Vibrator

Dildos and vibrators come in different shapes and sizes. You can find realistic-looking sex toys, but there are also strangely-shaped ones for those with a more evolved sense of creativity.

These products can be used in solo and partner play, and they’re a great addition to any sex toy collection. The fact that you can choose from various shapes and sizes allows you to get one that will perfectly satisfy all your needs and fantasies. When looking for Dubai sex toys, search for a vibrator Dubai, or dildo Dubai to find a wide selection of sex toys that can increase the levels of pleasure you and your partner experience.

When it comes to popularity, dildos and vibrators hold the first place!

Cock Ring

A cock ring is one of the most underrated products you can get in a sex toy shop in Dubai. A cock ring is much more than just a statement piece, and it has a much bigger effect on a couple than most people give it credit for.

A cock ring can prolong the time it takes a man to reach the point of no return, but what people fail to realize is that it can also increase the level of pleasure a woman can feel. This is because there are also cock rings with built-in clitoral stimulators that not only reduce the blood flow in the penis, but also massage the clitoral area. By doing so, both partners get to enjoy more intense stimulation. Of course, the longer intercourse lasts, the better the experience is.


Although a blindfold is considered an accessory primarily used in BDSM, it’s far from the only thing it can be used for. A blindfold can be a great addition to your sex life, no matter whether you’re into kinky BDSM activities, or you just want to spice things up a bit. With sensory deprivation, an individual focuses on experiencing other things such as hearing or touch, which, in turn, increases the levels of pleasure one can experience. By depriving your partner of sight, you’ll allow them to use their imagination above and beyond what they’re used to.

Sexy Lingerie

The last, but certainly not least, is sexy lingerie. Many people confess that lingerie creates significantly more arousal than seeing a naked body, and with a few statement pieces in your collection, you’ll definitely stir things up.

When you search for lingerie Dubai, you’ll find a significant number of options to choose from. At SecretsDubai, you’ll find all types of sexy lingerie including masks, outfits, bras, stockings, and everything else you can imagine.

How To Get Premium Quality Sex Toys in Abu Dhabi?

There are two ways of acquiring sex toys – in a brick-and-mortar sex shop, or by ordering online. In places where talking about sex, fantasies, and sex toys is still considered taboo, it’s much easier to get access to products such as a Spanish fly, penis ring, or any other type of sex toy if you choose to buy online.

To get the best quality products, choosing a proven and reputable adult toys UAE brand such as SecretsDubai is essential. Only by doing so will you get to choose from a number of high-quality brands that use premium materials that are body-safe.

The great thing about ordering a dildo toy or any other type of sex toy online is the fact that it’s 100% discreet. This will allow you to place your order without the fear of anyone else knowing how kinky you are. Discreet shipping opened the door for the masses to order products from any sex toy shop in Dubai, and anywhere else in the world.

Aside from choosing a proven online shop, you can do your own research and look for user reviews on certain product brands before placing your order. This will give you a glimpse of what kind of quality you can expect.


The moment you visit any sex toy shop in Dubai, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of products that are specifically designed to increase sexual pleasure. We’ve shared a list of 5 essential sex toys that, in our humble opinion, every couple should have in their collection. Of course, what kind of sex toy collection you’ll have solely depends on your needs and desires, however, these are the products that you can use, no matter what kind of kinky stuff you’re into.

Ordering them online is much simpler and easier than going to a physical store, especially if you’re located in an area where sexuality is still considered taboo.

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